The 4 Most Popular Juice Cleanses/ Diets That Work

Finding a diet that works is as frustrating as solving complex math equations. After all, you need to manage all the calories, carbs, nutrients and fat grams so that your body has the chance to rev up its metabolism and melt unwanted fat. There are so many diets and juice cleanses out there that it can be difficult to find one that actually works. Luckily for you, here is a list of the top four juice cleanses and diets that bring results:
juice girlThe Clean Gut Plan
The Clean Gut Plan is a unique diet that was designed to trim inches from your waistline, yet unlike other diets, those who go on this plan won’t feel deprived because it encourages frequent meals throughout the day to rev the metabolism. Created by Alejandro Junger, the Clean Gut Plan encourages dieters to start the day off with a special green shake rather than a traditional meal. According to Alejandro Junger, M.D., starting the day with a green shake gives the body the nutrition it needs while easing digestion, thus setting the groundwork for cleaner eating habits throughout the day. With this plan, there isn’t confusing calorie counting; instead, you have to fill 80% of your plate with fruits and veggies and 20% with protein and fat. It’s that simple.
The Nutrient Cycling Diet
The key to achieving enviable weight loss results lies with increasing the body’s metabolism. The Nutrient Cycling Diet consists of three phases that encourage the body to release trapped fat and melt away the inches, and with this program, you can expect to drop 28 lbs within a few months. During the first phase of the program, dieters need to focus on lowering their blood-sugar levels with fresh juices and reducing junk food consumption. Phase two, on the other hand, is geared towards supporting proper liver function and building lean muscle mass. The last phase of the program teaches dieters how they can prevent future weight gain.
Joe Cross’s 3-Day Cleanse
Joe Cross famously called himself fat, sick and nearly dead, but he changed his fate when he discovered the power of juicing. Natural juice is amazing for weight loss as it helps detoxify the liver and nourish the body from head to toe. Before starting the cleanse, though, it’s important to eat clean and flush the body’s toxins with plenty of liquids. During the cleanse, you are to drink six juices a day for a period of three days, and when the three days are over, it’s important to eat cleanly so your body doesn’t go into shock.
The Dash Diet
Part juice cleanse and part diet, the Dash Diet is a quick way to drop 14 lbs in a mere 10 days. Unlike other diets, though, this plan doesn’t encourage dieters to fast. Rather, it teaches them how to eat a perfectly clean and perfectly balanced diet. Some diets forbid fats, yet healthy fats are an important nutrient for your body and without it can cause a lower metabolism. The frequent snacks and healthy juices in this plan also help rev the metabolism and nourish all organs.
Losing weight is confusing for some, but the key to success is to find the right diet. These four options will help you reach the top levels of health and fitness.