How to Plan Your New Home Office (This Will Require Some Premeditation)

A new home office is a project for professionals. There are a lot of reasons for this. The first reason is the most important: maximum use of space. This takes a professional with the knowledge, experience and skill to create additional space from existing room space.

A new home office should have a business atmosphere. It may mean installing book shelves or recessed lighting in ceilings. A new home office should be ergonomically comfortable and convenient. Your professional construction expert will help design the perfect new home office, complete with adequate storage space, lighting and low-maintenance flooring. The best way to plan your new room addition is to discuss your ideas with your construction consultant to decide the best remodeling arrangement.

Remodeling a Bedroom into a New Home Office

When space becomes available in a home, it’s usually due to a sudden change in the number of occupants in the household. New home offices are generally remodeled from existing bedrooms. However, the design and configuration of a bedroom is often fairly predictable.

A new home office has to serve as a place to conduct business and to have some measure of quiet in which to work. It’s a good idea to allow the construction consultant to study the design of the existing room and provide a few ideas of what the new home office will look like when remodeling is completed.

Provide Details of New Home Office Use

The use of the new home office should be clearly defined. For example, a work-at-home architectural or civil engineer may need a large drawing board in the new office. An accountant may need only a computer, printer and great lighting. A professional photographer, on the other hand, may need a full wall for studying and displaying his work.

Most writers prefer a room that is not in close proximity to the kitchen or living room. This type of work, like that of designers, requires concentration. If the new home office is to include displays of work or products, it’s a good idea to discuss this with your construction consultant. For example, an artist or sculptor who sells their work from their new home office may need a bit of room for displays.

The Design of a New Home Office

It’s always refreshing to view the design suggestions made by your professional remodeling consultant. These designs present a “Before” and “After” view of the potential for the perfect new home office. Before contacting your home remodeling expert, create a list of your most significant needs, size of furnishings that will be part of the remodeled home office and the types of colors for floors and walls that will compliment your furnishings. Be sure to check on the materials of manufacture. Your licensed remodeling expert will provide these to insure their work is highest quality.

Plan Ahead for a New Home Office

Most individuals have a preconceived idea of what their new home office will look like when remodeling is completed. If the home office is to be located in the basement of a home, this type of remodeling is more complex. It may mean creating walls where none exist and also a reconfiguration of the existing design, depending on overall style of the home for example, a Cape Cod or ranch.