Six Essential Products for Anyone on Extended Bed Rest

Whether recovering from injury, illness, or dealing with a difficult pregnancy, sometimes physicians prescribe complete bed rest. There are a number of items to have on hand that make the experience more pleasant, provide comfort or guard against possible health complications.
Extended Bed Rest
Bed Rest Pillow
Whether desiring to work on a craft, read a book or watch TV, a wedged pillow provides the support and comfort needed when in a sitting position. Removable, washable covers come in a variety of colors and patterns. Some versions come equipped with adjustable headrests that extend or tilt forward for optimal head and neck support. Some models additionally provide convenient pockets to store any number of items for safe-keeping that might include glasses, books or remotes. There are also pillow wedges equipped with an attached reading light or built-in heat and massage mechanisms.
Body Pillows
When spending a great deal of time in bed, sometimes finding a comfortable position seems an impossible task. A body length pillow conforms to many different shapes while supplying much needed support. Large, U-shaped versions cradle the entire body from head to toe, front and back. The pillows are typically made from polymer fibers that resist clumping, lumping and flattening. The entire pillow and cotton cover are generally machine washable.
Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Quickly turn any bed into a heavenly cloud with a memory foam mattress topper. Available in a variety of firmness levels, thicknesses and sizes that accommodate any sized bed, a foam topper helps alleviate pressure between the body and the bed. The foam automatically conforms to the contours and weight of the body, which distributes weight across the surface. Combine the foam topper with a quality mattress cover for protection and spend a fraction compared to purchasing a high-quality mattress.
Anti-Embolism Stockings
Unfortunately, spending an extended period of time in bed increases the likelihood of developing blood clots from reduced circulation. In addition to regularly performing simple leg exercises, anti-embolism stockings compress the legs, which encourages blood flow and prevents pooling. Each stocking provides 18mmHg of support. The stockings come in knee-high or thigh-high styles with open toes, closed toes or footless versions available.
Over-the-Bed Table
Whether needing a place to put a book, phone or laptop, a wheeled over-the-bed cart or table adds convenience at the bedside. Models typically adjust from 24 to 35 inches in height, which enables table use whether sitting or standing. The tables come in a variety of styles and finishes that mainly consist of a metal/wood composition. Some versions additionally feature split tops that allow one section to tilt at a more desirable angle.
Cooler or Dorm-Size Refrigerator
Especially if having to stay at home alone, one of these items are life-saving additions. Perfect for beverages, snacks or light meals, a bedside cooler or a small refrigerator supplies all that is needed while minimizing trips out of bed and to the kitchen. Readily available in a wide array of sizes and styles, this small and convenient luxury fits easily next to beds in most situations.
Depending on the reason that necessitates the bed rest, one might add any number of items to keep within reach. While staying in bed is not an experience that most relish, with a little imagination and planning, one can have everything within reach, which helps ensure comfort and convenience day and night