Why a Tumor Doesn’t Mean the End

You’ve had your evaluation and the diagnosis is not as favorable as you would have hoped: A tumor. Though the word itself may strike fear into the heart of anyone receiving the news, there is no reason to give up yet! Medical advancements and the dedication of compassionate experts can make treatment and recovery a strong possibility in your future.
In fact, that’s why a tumor doesn’t mean “the end:” It could, instead, mean a new beginning. The first step is simply knowing where to begin treatment.
As a leader in diagnosing and treating skull base tumors, the Skull Base Institute is committed to finding the most innovative technology and expertly-trained surgeons and physicians to make your treatment as comfortable and efficient as possible. Founded in 1996 by Dr. Hrayr Shahinian, the institute provides state-of-the-art facilities to treat pituitary tumors, pineal tumors, head and neck tumors, and many others.
Dr. Shahinian
Dr. Shahinian Source: Found on thedoctorstv.com
Surgery can certainly seem scary, especially when it comes to the brain. However, with an emphasis on endoscopic procedures, Dr. Shahinian and his team use the latest methods to provide powerful results with fast recovery times. In recent history, the institute has partnered with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to create more precise tools for endoscopic procedures, ensuring that their surgical instruments are the most advanced instruments around.
Endoscope-assisted and fully endoscopic surgeries allow a small 2.7 mm wide camera fitted with surgical tips to direct the tumor removal. Guided through a tiny incision (placed to minimize scarring) or through the nose, an endoscope makes the process minimally invasive and much easier to recover from than traditional open surgery. Without the physical manipulation of bone and tissue, the weeks of hospital recovery time are reduced, instead, to days.
Some surgeries, such as the removal of a pituitary tumor, allow for no scarring and a quick return to daily life: Most patients are sent home within a couple of days!
Endoscopy also has a lower rate of complications as compared to traditional surgery. Fully endoscopic surgeries have been shown in studies to reduce and sometimes completely eliminate certain complication risks, such as those for vision loss, meningitis, and even death.
If statistics and science aren’t as important to you as patient care, however, you’ll find solace in the Patient-to-Patient Network. The network allows prospective patients and their families to speak with past patients who have already been successfully treated so you can hear first-hand what it’s like to seek treatment at the Skull Base Institute from first consultation to last follow-up appointment.
In the medical field, life is the priority. Dr. Hrayr Shahinian and the Skull Base Institute are working hard to make sure your quality of life takes precedence. Don’t let a tumor feel like the period at the end of your existence. Instead, use the people and procedures available to you to begin a new chapter. With so many technological advancements, relief can be just a few days away. You’ll feel better and get back to life faster!
Thousands of patients have been successfully treated at the Skull Base Institute. To read some of those success stories, check out the testimonials page. To start your journey towards becoming one of those success stories, contact SBI.