Nine Drug Free Ways To Make Pregnancy Less Painful

While pregnancy is one of the most beautiful, miraculous things in the world, it can also be one of the most uncomfortable. Everything’s changing in your body, and it’s only going to get more uncomfortable until the baby is finally born. There are medications you can take to help alleviate some of that pain, but taking medication while pregnant is always a little risky, as you never know what’s going to affect the baby. If you want to avoid drugs with that baby inside you, here are some good products to make pregnancy a little bit less painful.
pregnant discomfort1. Maternity support bands. These bands do exactly what they say: They help support your growing stomach. They help alleviate back pain and support your abdominal muscles. With these bands, your baby can still grow freely while you remain comfortable.
2. A body pillow. Sleeping when you’re in your last trimester can seem like an impossible task. Get yourself a pregnancy body pillow to help your hips and your belly. This will let you relax and get enough rest to stay healthy.
3. Extra hydration. In the last few weeks, you may start swelling horribly, making it very difficult to get around. Drinking water to flush out your body can help with uncomfortable swelling. You can also try putting your feet up when you sit to help increase circulation.
4. A recliner. A good recliner is heaven for the very pregnant mom-to-be. Rest and recline as much as you can, and wear what is comfortable rather than what looks cute. Comfort is more important at this point than fashion.
5. Lots of pillows. Besides the body pillow for sleeping, have pillows around all the time. Use them however it’s most comfortable to support your back, your neck, your hips, and your belly.
6. A water spritzer. If you’re having a baby in the summer, the last few months can be incredibly uncomfortable with all the extra warmth. A spray bottle full of cool or cold water can provide easy, instant relief whenever you need something refreshing.
7. A massage. Massages help reduce stress, improve circulation, reduce swelling, and can help you sleep better at night. Ask your doctor to recommend a masseuse who specializes in pregnancy massage, and you will come home from that first session feeling incredible.
8. Yoga. Doing simple yoga is a good way to help you relax, relieve tension in your muscles, and open the hips – a great preparation for labor. You might have to do modified versions of the positions, but trying it is a great idea.
pregnant yoga
9. A pregnancy bra. As the baby grows and so do you, the bras you used to wear may now be not only uncomfortable but painful. Invest in a high-quality pregnancy bra to give you the support you need with extra comfort.
If you follow these tips, you can have a much more pleasant pregnancy. Instead of constantly feeling pain or discomfort, you can truly enjoy the fun of planning and anticipating in all the time before your little one arrives.