Essiac Tea: What is It & How to Get It Online?

The field of herbal medicine has recently been gaining popularity because a lot of people are now becoming more conscious about their health. People now realize that it is better to prevent diseases than to cure them. Meanwhile, others who are already ill are opening their doors to herbal and alternative remedies. Herbal teas are now readily available on the market under a variety of types and brands. These are offered not only by the local shops, but by online sellers as well, some of whom are offering to ship internationally.
What is Essiac tea?
Essiac tea is one of the types of teas that are available on the market. This type of tea is made from the combination of four different herbs which have properties that are said to be remedies to certain symptoms of diseases. Although these herbal products usually don’t have therapeutic claims, many are still willing to give them a try. Essiac tea is composed of a combination of 4 herbs namely: slippery elm, rhubarb, burdock root, and sheep sorrel. These herbs have different effects on the body and with their combined effects, they are said to relieve certain types of bodily discomfort. Some of them allegedly have an antioxidant effect, which prevent the body’s cells from deteriorating.
It takes a long time to prepare the tea before it could be consumed, usually around 12 hours. There are several ways on how to prepare the tea and most of the detailed procedures are readily found over the Internet. One of the procedures would instruct tea drinkers to soak the herbs in water for 10 to 12 hours before boiling it. After this, the tea should be allowed to settle for hours before drinking it. The different websites about this tea do not just instruct on how to prepare the tea but also tell tea drinkers how much they should consume for them to feel the effect. Information about the components of the tea, its benefits, and even some side effects can also be found when searching through the Internet.
Availability over the Internet
With the availability of online shopping, there are also some companies who sell tea over the Internet. These online sellers build websites especially for Essiac not only to sell them but at the same time provide information about the tea to their customers. Online shops ship their product to their customers in various forms, namely: liquid, powder, or pill form. Before ordering the tea online, a little bit of research should be done. Research about the reliability and the effectiveness of the website’s products could be known by reading some of the reviews found on the Internet.
Varieties of Essiac
Although the Essiac tea is mainly composed of 4 herbs, a lot of variations have now been created. With these variants, additional herbs are added to make the mixture more beneficial to health. Different forms of the tea are now being sold to make sure the online sellers meet the demand of their customers. Most of the online shops ship it in extract or liquid form because it is ready to drink although it might be quite messy to ship because it is prone to spillage especially if it is not tightly sealed. Those who want to stay away from this mess could provide tea in the powder form, which needs to be mixed with water to prepare. For those people who do not appreciate or those who cannot stand the taste of the tea, the pill form is available. With this, they could also get the benefit from the tea without having to put up with its taste.