Eleven Ways Couples Can Carve Our Their Own Space In A Home

When you take the big step to move in with the one you love, learning how to find your own space in the home you now share can be difficult. While you are a couple, you are also your own individual. There is nothing more frustrating than going from having a home where everything is yours, to moving into a home where everything is yours as a couple. Maintain some of your independence and avoid a lot of preventable arguments by carving out space for you and your partner.

Here are 11 different ways to keep individual spaces as a couple:
1. Choose an Area and Design It

It can be very difficult to mesh your design preferences and your partner’s preferences when you are choosing how to decorate your home. While you will have to learn how to compromise, that does not stop you from choosing an area in the home that you can design all by yourself. From the den, to the pool room, choose an area that your partner will not object to and design the area without getting any type of approval.
2. Choose a Side of the Bed

It might sound obvious, but you and your partner need your own side of the bed. This is where you will sleep every night and where your partner might sneak over to when you are gone. Discuss which side of the bed you are most comfortable with and get prepared for negotiations. Once you come to a agreement, you will feel like you have your own space carved out on the mattress.

3. Designate Your Side of the Closet

If you only have a single closet in your master bedroom, choose which side will be yours and which will be your partners. If you have your own closet space, where only your clothes will hang, you do not have to worry about sifting through your partner’s blouses or slacks to find your outfit for the day.
4. Separate the Personals

In addition to having your own closet space, you should also have your own dresser drawers designated for your lingerie, folded clothing, and unmentionables. If you have room in the bedroom, having a completely separate dresser is ideal. If there is not space, consider buying a space-saving bed with drawers or a chest that will function as a TV stand and a dresser.
Photo from PremiereVanities.com

Photo from PremiereVanities.com
5. Separate Vanities or Dual Vanities

Do you really want to sift through his razors to find your feminine products? Does her makeup get in your way? Separate vanities or a dual vanity in the bathroom is a great solution. You can place all of your care products in its own space and you never have to worry about searching for everything because your partner misplaced it.
6. Consider Separate Bathrooms

Just because you have a master bath attached to your room does not necessarily mean that this has to be your primary bathroom. Sometimes it is difficult for a couple to share a bathroom. One partner may be messy, the other may be a clean freak. If you want to avoid conflict, let the messy partner take over the master bath and have the other one take on the guest bathroom down the hall.
man-cave7. Let Him Have a Man Cave

Men love having their own man cave. This is a place where a man can be a man. Find a room or a space in or outside of the house where you can let your partner have his man cave. This will spare a lot of arguments and will make him feel independent.
8. Find a Space For Your Exercise Bike or Treadmill

Both partners should have their own space. If your partner has a man cave, it is your turn to convert an area in the home to a home gym or a sewing room. Consider what you enjoy doing to unwind and find a way to make a space just for these activities.
9. The King of the Grill

If one of you loves to grill, designate a king of the grill. Come to an agreement that only the king (or queen) of the grill is allowed to barbecue on the precious outdoor cooker. This will make the master griller feel needed, and will make them feel like the space is all theirs.
10. Choose Your Own Special Chair

If you cannot agree on furnishings in the home, compromise when it comes to the sofa and get your way by choosing your own special chair. This will become the comfortable chair that you unwind in each and every day.
11. Spend Time Apart

Space does not have to be measurable. In fact, a mistake that most couples make is that they do not give each other space by spending time apart. Give your partner time to miss you and you can keep the spark alive.

Not having your own space in your own home can be frustrating if this is not what you are used to. Take time to find places where your belongings will go, and where you will spend time on your own. By doing this, you can easily adapt to moving in together.