10 Skills You Wish You Had

If you aren’t skilled at many things, you probably spend a lot of time wishing you were. In fact, there are ten skills you might wish you had just to make life a little bit easier. Air Conditioning Repair If you have ever had to sweat it out in a hot house while you waited … [Read more…]

Dream Home: Eco-Friendly, Safe, and Functional

If you think an eco-friendly home is all about living a hippie lifestyle, nothing could be further from the truth. Today’s dream homes offer eco-friendly features that increase functionality, reduce maintenance, and provide a safer environment, both ecologically and physically. If you’re planning your next dream home, take into account what you want from the … [Read more…]

Suggestions for Transitioning From Your Year Abroad

Traveling abroad for a year could mean forever memories, life-changing experiences, increased understanding of foreign cultures, and, perhaps, the ability to speak a new language. However, no matter what your country of origin or where you traveled, there will be significant adjustments necessary when returning home. It’s totally normal for it to take a few … [Read more…]